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Shogren & Associates

Trust, Tax & Forensics

Webster’s dictionary defines “forensic” as “pertaining to, connected with, or used in courts of law or public discussion debate.” Shogren & Associates is involved in both litigation support cases where we assist attorneys in the estimation and calculation of economic damages and investigative accounting where we look into normal, abnormal, and potential fraudulent transactions.

We provide an accounting analysis that includes evidence supporting our findings that is suitable to a court of law and forms the basis for discussion, debate, and intimately dispute resolution. Our work includes a review of the books, records and accounting system that often requires the reconstruction of accounts in order to determine damages caused by fraud or irregular activities.

Shogren & Associates possesses the education, experience and technical skills in accounting, valuation, forensic and tax to provide expert witness analysis and testimony for trials, depositions, mediated settlements and arbitration.

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