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Dennis Shogren is an experienced CPA who uses his real-world experience as a former CFO and CEO of a publicly-traded company to bring a practical viewpoint to complicated accounting matters. As an expert, he is able to distill vast amounts of data into an understandable form that is easy to present in Court. And he has a great memory for the facts of the case, which allows him to analyze many different viewpoints and use that to the benefit of his clients when advising them and when testifying in Court.

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About Us

Webster’s dictionary defines “forensic” as “pertaining to, connected with, or used in courts of law or public discussion debate.” Shogren & Associates is involved in both litigation support cases where we assist attorneys in the estimation and calculation of economic damages and investigative accounting where we look into normal, abnormal, and potential fraudulent transactions.

Our Services

We provide an accounting analysis that includes evidence supporting our findings that is suitable to a court of law and forms the basis for discussion, debate, and intimately dispute resolution. Our work includes a review of the books, records, and accounting system that often requires the reconstruction of accounts in order to determine damages caused by fraud or irregular activities.


Shogren & Associates will work closely with your attorney in both the planning and execution of your trust and estate planning; ensuring that the strategy put forth will achieve all of your financial goals. We work hard to maintain our strong reputation for excellence in providing white glove support to our clients.

Proper trust and estate planning is critical to a smooth transition for both business and personal assets. The tax law is both complex and ever changing and our role is to ensure the most efficient transfer of assets and to minimize the tax impact to your beneficiaries and successors.

Our services don’t just stop at trust creation. Our Administrative services take the pressure off of your family or business with our Trustee services as well as court and non-court accountings for all forms of fiduciary entities.


Shogren & Associates provides planning for and preparation of all federal and state tax returns for individuals, businesses, trusts and estates. More than mere compliance, our tax services focus on minimizing your tax liabilities within the framework of your overall financial goals.

Our expertise in tax matters, gained through years of experience and current research and analysis, allows us to optimize the benefit of tax planning considering each client’s specific situation.

Let us take the confusion out of the notices you’ve received from tax authorities. We work to mitigate all tax issues, including representation in court and before the tax authorities. Let us take the worry out of your back tax issues and make sure you are on solid footing going forward.


Shogren & Associates has testified in matters as varied as probate, family law, fraud and construction defects. Underlying those depositions and court testimony are detailed analyses prepared specifically for each case. Our ability to mine the data and synthesize the information into understandable presentations comes from our years of widely varied experience in accounting, finance, tax and general business.